Friday, January 17, 2014

Read: Lexicon by Max Barry

Title: Lexicon

Author: Max Barry

Release Date:  2013

Genre: Science fiction 

Book Description: Two years ago, something terrible was unleashed in an Australian mining town called Broken Hill. Thousands died. 

Few people know what really happened. 

Emily Ruff is one of them. She belongs to an elite organisation of 'poets': masters of manipulation who use language to warp others to their will. She was one of their most promising recruits until she made a catastrophic mistake: she fell in love. 

Wil Parke knows the truth too, only he doesn't remember it. And he doesn't know why he's immune to the poets' powers. But he knows he needs to run. 

As their stories converge, the past is revealed, and the race is on for a deadly weapon: a word. 

Because the poets know that words can kill...

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Author Bio:

Max Barry (1973-) is the author of five novels, including "Lexicon," the New York Times Notable Book "Jennifer Government," and "Syrup," now a film starring Amber Heard. He is the creator of the online political simulation game "NationStates," for which he is far more famous among high school students and poli-sci majors than his novels. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife and two daughters.

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