Monday, February 17, 2014

Read: Among Others by Jo Walton

Title: Among Others

Author: Jo Walton

Release Date: January 2011

Genre: Fantasy

Book Description: 'It doesn't matter. I have books, new books, and I can bear anything as long as there are books.'

The compelling story of a girl trying to cope with her troubled childhood, a diary of her first encounters with great novels of fantasy and SF, and a spellbinding tale of escape.

Fifteen-year-old Morwenna lives in Wales with her twin sister and a mother she hates. When her twin dies, Mori blames her mother and runs away from home into the arms of her erstwhile father in England. He sends Mori to a boarding school where, with her Welsh accent, her crippled leg and her unhealthy interest in the contents of the library, she is a social outcast. Not that Mori minds so much, because in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels she adores, she has friends and isn't alone in understanding that magic is real. For Mori knows about magic, she has lived with it all her life; and she knows, too, that danger lurks: her mother is hunting her down, and Mori must be prepared to do battle when she eventually finds her.

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Author Bio:

Jo Walton has published nine novels and three poetry collections, with another novel and an essay collection due out in 2014. She won the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2002, the World Fantasy Award in 2004 for Tooth and Claw, and the Hugo and Nebula awards in 2012 for Among Others. She comes from Wales but lives in Montreal where the food and books are much better. She writes science fiction and fantasy, reads a lot, talks about books, and eats great food. It worries her slightly that this is exactly what she always wanted to do when she grew up.

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