Monday, March 3, 2014

Read: Beggars in Spain (Sleepless Trilogy #1) by Nancy Kress

Title: Beggars in Spain

Series:  Sleepless Trilogy #1

Author: Nancy Kress

Release Date: November 2004

Genre: Science Fiction

Book Description: This is the original Hugo and Nebula Winning Novella

Leisha Camden is a genetically engineered ‘Sleepless.’

Her ability to stay awake all the time has not only made her more productive, but the genetic modifications have also given the ‘Sleepless’ a higher IQ and may even make them immortal.

Are they the future of humanity? Or will the small community of ‘sleepless’ be hunted down as freaks by a world that has grown wary of its newest creation?

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Author Bio:

Nancy Kress is an American science fiction writer. She began writing in 1976 but has achieved her greatest notice since the publication of her Hugo and Nebula-winning 1991 novella Beggars in Spain which was later expanded into a novel with the same title. In addition to her novels, Kress has written numerous short stories and is a regular columnist for Writer's Digest. She is a regular at Clarion writing workshops and at The Writers Center in Bethesda, Maryland. During the Winter of 2008/09, Nancy Kress is the Picador Guest Professor for Literature at the University of Leipzig's Institute for American Studies in Leipzig, Germany.

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