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Spotlight: 99 activities & VERY SIMPLE crafts to do for ALL DADS who want SPEND TIME with THEIR CHILD by Alex Richards

Title: 99 activities & VERY SIMPLE crafts to do for ALL DADS who want SPEND TIME with THEIR CHILD

Author: Alex Richards

Release Date: 2014

Genre: How To Guide

Book Description:  What kid in you? (Yes, yes, he's there!)

Be the companion of your child's play, to build a satisfying relationship with him! 

Being a good parent is a difficult thing. But there are various way to be a good dad. One of them revolves across the game if in addition to taking time for yourself, you are taking the opportunity to provide time to your child in moments of shared complicity? 

This practical guide will allow all dads who wish to create a long-lasting bond with their child, play with him via 99 activities and crafts to do together from 5 years. 

No DIY, writer, father of 2 children, offer simple to build projects to be able to captivate your kid (catapult marshmallows, explosive bag, miniature crossbow...). Activities, largely free, are diverse both indoors and outdoors, round 9 themes (it's sunny, raining, moving...). 

You wish to read this ebook if:

·         you need to create a long-lasting relationship father-youngster
·         you search of ideas to make activities and crafts
·         you want to play together with your child on a restricted budget

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Free between May 2nd - May 6th 2014! 

Author Bio:

RICHARDS Alex lives in France and his books translated into English. He old about forty years, and is the father of two children: a daughter born in 2005 and a boy born in 2008 He worked at home since 2008 and can therefore involve 100% in the education of his children.

Why a guide for fathers ? Simply because we are talking about what we know.

The author had the opportunity to do many activities being young, but always independently without much paternal presence. His father was of the generation of fathers who can do everything by yourself, but that is not capable of interacting with their children before they reach (at least) adulthood.

For the author, this is quite different! It is almost incapable of making anything complex, but was very present in the lives of her children. In the quest facing each father in activities and crafts to do with a child, it happens sooner or later we find ourselves frustrated by his lack of knowledge about something to do.

To circumvent this problem, and continue to be a superdad, same model manual dexterity in the eyes of his children, he had to think exclusively in activities for Dummies DIY , for those who like him, shuddering at the thought to open a toolbox and discover the instruments it contains...

Dummies fathers will therefore find yourself in this ebook about 99 ideas for activities and crafts to make with their children, who do not ask to buy a jigsaw risk losing fingers.
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